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"Music is the only thing that blurs the lines that the human mind fences itself behind. In music there is no sex, race, or religion, just vibrations that come together and create harmony. My purpose is to strike that chord and spark that vibe."
- Amore Jones

Jones is a singer-songwriter from Fredericksburg, VA, breaking into the music industry by way of Atlanta, GA. Classically trained in Vocal Performance, Jones prides himself on depicting the most accurate emotion of every song.

"Every canvas of production has a story and it's the artist's responsibility to tell it well",
- Jones on his process of songwriting and creating arrangement.

Since his first performance in his HS sophomore year talent show, he knew he wanted to pursue music as a longterm dream. While working behind the scenes with many artists down the road, helping them hone and perfect their crafts, he was able to sharpen his own sound; creating opportunities for music to no longer be a distant dream, but a tangible career. Now he aims to continue to push the musical limits, in hopes to one day claim a seat at the round table of the greatest to do ever do it.


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“For Hearts Like Ours” EP out now on all platforms!

“For Hearts Like Ours” EP out now on all platforms!

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